With our heart in the country of 2469-metre-high mountains.The 1308-metre-deep fjords and the 1000-year-old Norwegian tradition of craftsmanship is not only our inspiration and legacy. It is inherent in everything we do, from our choice of material and colours, to the way we think.



The power of nature condensed in a 19-gram frame. Where the dark rocks meet the grove of winding birches, we find inspiration for our glasses. With a combination of hard, more solid metals and ingenious, beautiful materials.Like the sturdy but extremely light titanium that can be found in the Norwegian rock. Or the formable acetate made of natural fibres from cotton.


Each pair is crafted by hand in 193 steps.

With careful craftsmanship, long experience and love for every single detail, nothing is left to chance. From the smallest hinge to the comfort of the pads, everything is made to create balanced frames of the highest quality.